Jan 13 2012

Four Things I Learned From Writing a Travel Blog

NOTE: In keeping with my hope to have some of my posts be useful to others, this post includes links to various blogging resources that I read and found useful over the course of my blogging experiment Now that I have been back for nearly a month I felt it was important to look back […]

Jan 4 2012

7 Easy Steps to Dressing Like a Backpacker

One of the true pleasures of independent travel is people watching. During solo travel you find yourself perceiving things and noticing particular details about people that you otherwise might not have noticed had you been traveling with others. While I have seen plenty of interesting locals while traveling, some of funniest people to watch are […]

Dec 11 2011

How Groupon Can Leverage its Global Reach and Sell to Backpackers

When I originally started this blog I committed to spending a small portion of my time to writing about business ideas. I have not exactly fulfilled my commitment (yet). However, reading this article in today´s El Mercurio (in Spanish) about Groupon´s CEO visiting the Santiago Groupon office reminded me of an idea I have been […]

Dec 1 2011

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Oruro, Bolivia

You´ve probably never heard of Oruru. I hadn´t either. But when it came time to choose a city to break up the long journey between La Paz (in the north) and Uyuni (in the south), Oruru was the city I chose on a whim. Looking back on my two days in the city I could […]

Nov 26 2011

Climbing Huayna Potosi – What to Expect

I knew I wanted to do a multi-day hike as part of the South America segment of my trip. But I honestly never thought I would climb a nearly 20,000 foot mountain. When I began searching for treks based out of La Paz, Bolivia I found that the nearby Huayna Potosi mountain was considered one […]

Nov 22 2011

Hiking the World’s Second Deepest Canyon (In Pictures)

Everyone has heard of the Grand Canyon. No one has heard of Colca Cayon. Despite this, Peru’s Colca Canyon is over twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and a great way to combine amazing hiking, seeing some beautiful small villages and learning more about the Peruvian way of life. To get the trailhead you […]

Nov 21 2011

Markets and Bullfights in Peru

Although there are many things I love about traveling, two of my favorites are: 1) Markets 2) Unexpected surprises Last Sunday I found both. Let´s start with the market. Sunday Market in Pisac, Peru I had heard great things about the villages in the Sacred Valley, and after I read one of them was renowned […]